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Year 'Round Fireplace Enjoyment for only Pennies an Hour

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  • Sierra offers the most complete and versatile line of electric hearth products, all featuring Sierra's unique patent pending "Electricflame Technology".

    Sierra offers a variety of options for every consumer, from stand alone electric logs to elegant fireplace systems that bring beauty and value to your home. Sierra's Electricflame technology brings fireplace realism into your home that's easy to install, energy efficient and can go anywhere in your home, a kitchen, bedroom, study or den. And best of all, Sierra electric logs look just as real when they are off, where other electric fireplaces lose their appeal when they are not operating.

    The Sierra product line offers you the choice of:

    • 4 log sizes, 18", 20", 24" and 30.
    • An optional 5,000 BTU heater for each log size.
    • A 32",36" or 42" fireplace system with firebrick liner, log set and heater.
    • A 32" or 36" custom crafted hardwood mantel and hearth base in either cherry or oak.
    • A bay front slim-line fireplace system that includes the log set, heater, and custom oak mantel and hearth base.

    Each Sierra electric log set features patented "Electricflame Technology" which generates a realistic flickering flame that illuminates the fireplace with a warm glow.

    This animated play of light and shadow within the fireplace and glowing ember bed, compliment Sierra's natural looking seasoned oak logs and completes the look of a real fire.

    Sierra uses 5 handcrafted logs per set (6 for the 30" set) that look just like the real thing. They are the most realistic looking electric logs on the market and are made of lightweight, durable urethane.

    If you need to warm a chilly room, with the flip of a switch you can activate the electric heater (optional with log sets) that also comes with a built-in blower that circulates hot air.

    Use the Power, The Power of Electric

    The Power of "Electricflame Technology"

    • 100 % heat efficient, all the heat stays in the room. Energy efficient, costs about 7 cents per hour to operate.
    • Patented flame technology creates the illusion of a real flickering fire...complete with crackling sound.
    • Flickering flames that illuminates the firebox and a glowing ember bed provide a soothing ambiance.
    • Easily accessible on and off switch and optional remote control operation.
    • No venting required, can be installed anywhere in your home.
    • Instant heat when you need it. Provides up to 5,000 BTU / hr of instant warm and comfort.
    • Safe, electric operation. No open flames, emissions or hot surfaces.
    • Electric technology poses no health risk or environmental threat.
    • Easy to install, just plug into any standard 120v AC outlet.
    • Limited lifetime warranty: Lifetime warranty on the logs, 5 years for the firebox, 1 year on components,
    • 2 months on flame strips (light bulb excluded).
    • Mantels feature built-in wooden trim resembling a traditional fireplace.

    Electric Hearth


    Sierra's Electric hearth products feature the most realistic electric flames on the market. Unlike other electric fireplaces, Sierra's units provide a warm, clean, and beautiful look regardless of whether they are on or off.

    Install Anywhere...

    Electric hearth products offer the ultimate in a convenient, quick way to enjoy a fireplace in your home. By simply plugging the cord into an electrical outlet, you can experience the romance and warmth of a fireplace. Built-in electric fireplace provides the romantic ambiance of a real fireplace without the installation constraints of a traditional wood burning or gas fireplace. Because the electric fireplace requires no vent, it can be placed anywhere in the home or office, on an inside or outside wall, above or below grade.

    Year Round Enjoyment...

    When it is too warm for a real fire, Sierra Electric Hearth Products bring brightness to the hearth and room without generating heat. The glowing embers and dancing flames are created by a unique system with a little illumination. Sierra Electric Logs with Glowing Embers are easy to install and cheap to run. As there is no heat it only costs approximately one cent per hour.

    During the winter months the optional heater may be added to provide additional warmth and ambiance.

    Facts you should know about electric heath products...

    • You can install an electric fireplace almost anywhere - apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, dens, basements, offices, lobbies, mobile homes, even lodges. Just take it out of the box and plug it in.
    • Unlike other forms of fireplaces there are no hidden costs (or problems) with chimneys, flues or supply pipes. You can move your electric fireplace from room to room to change the plan of your home, or even take it with you if you move.
    • They are perfect for all seasons of the year as the flames can be used without heat in the warmer months, or with optional heat in the cooler months. This makes them very economical to run; assuming an average cost of 12 cents per kW hour, to run the flame effect model for four hours per night, five nights per week, for six months, costs less than $5.00.

    Electric Log Sets

    An electric log set with realistic flames! Just set the ELG log set in your fireplace, plug it in, and you're ready to enjoy. The beautiful dancing flames light up the firebox just like a real wood fire. Use with the optional heater to warm a chilly room. The ELG log set requires no gas hook-up, making it ideal for apartments, condos, offices, and mobile homes.

    Advantages of Sierra's ELG (patents pending):

    • Looks great even when off
    • No Emissions
    • Realistic logs and flame
    • Optional heater
    • Easy installation by homeowner
    • Five sizes to choose from, 30", 24", 20" and 18" and new See Through Set

    Dimensions & Specifications

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